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I signed up for the aarp secure horizons Complete choice plan 2 which states on Medicares web site "any doctor' can be used.Further, the manual states "any doctor who accepts medicare' can be used.

In reality, doctors will not accept this if they are not in their ppo network. This is deceptive. When you call them to inquire, they start by telling you again you can see any doctor. When you tell them your doctor refuses to take this, they then tell you "any doctor who accepts their plan and terms'.

Don't get caught up in this deception.

Lots of Advantage plans are lying about this.Humana actually states this up front "any one who will accept their plan".

Monetary Loss: $300.


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Erie, Colorado, United States #815626

Without going in to a very long story, the short and (not so SWEET) of it is that United Healthcare Secure Horizons is disorganized, right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, customer service is really customer DISservice, they are in the stone age when it comes to their website - they have no way for scheduling appts., ordering scripts..and their gigantic book of doctors and those on their websites are OUTDATED.

Apparently they need learning instructions from KAISER, who years ago was horrible, but is awesome today in terms of organization, ease of making appts, getting you to the right doctors, etc. Never thought I'd say that! But, my husband and I are changing to Kaiser as soon as open enrollment comes around this year.

Sad that no one at UnitedHealthcare seems to CARE, huh?:sigh


If you are at risk for stroke DO NOT USE Secure Horizons.If you have a stroke they will throw you under the bus, you will be screwed.

Guaranteed.Friends and family don't let loved ones buy Secure Horizons.


I need surgery on my spine or I will be crippled.I signed up for the Secure Horizons AARP and it said I can go out of Network.

However, after months I have found out that there is no our of network. I signed into this Healthcare plan because the Doctors I was using in December of 2010 were in the book as well as in 2011.

Now I find out there is NO OUT OF NETWORK and I need surgery.I suffer from extreme pain and there aren't any doctors that will take my case.

to Robin #589582

Doesn't that tell you something?? You probably don't have a valid reason for surgery or possibly the majority of doctors don't see surgery as an option! I would be more concerned with the knife happy doc!!!


AARP Secure Horizons Complaint.....this company sucks the big one!....not one of the doctors in the provider directory takes this insurance for a contact exam.

If you want to wear only glasses you're ok. But if you want to wear contacts you have to go to a different dr.

and pay the full price of that dr.'s eye and contact exam.:( :upset


Secure horizons will rip you off, as you probably know.As their employee, I work for them and cannot stand the way they treat their customers.

They make promises they cannot keep and will mislead you into taking the plan. There is ALOT of fine print withing the benefits, which are hardly better than medicare. If you do have a securehorizons plan or the AARP MedicareComplete plan, I highly suggest you think other wise, to save yourself the troubles.

The 0 monthly premium isnt what you think, and so you all know, this plan REPLACES medicare, so they are the primary insurance, medicare will no longer pay for any part after you join, until disenrollment.You have until March 31st to change to a like plan, do so for your own sake.

to Unnamed #589584

Thanks for the insider tip but here in Florida you don't have much of a choice!It's basically original, United, Humana, and Blue Cross........tell me, which one is better than the rest??

Freedom Health has better benefit rates and I did consider them until I realized many of the providers have abandoned their plan which is disturbing to say the least!

I inquired with my PC, Cardiologist, and several other doctors I see and the response was........WE DON'T ACCEPT FREEDOM HEALTH INS?????????I guess we are pretty much stuck with the corrupted system in Florida!!

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