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A fall face first onto concrete resulted in smashed nose, deeply lacerated face, concussion, brain bruise.

Secure Horizons would not allow me to go out-of-network quote  “when there are qualified doctors here." THERE ISN’T.

After many surgeon visits, I was told to go to Dr.Christine Puig by Secure Horizons. She assured me she was qualified as did her nurse. Surgery was one hour. The bill over $23,000; anesthesiologist $770.00. Two days later, ear cartilage not secured in nose, floated up under my eye where it remains causing pain, right nostril blocked, nose mis-shapen.

This doctor clearly is NOT qualified and caused more damage. Two years ago my surgeon out-of-network did perfect five hour surgery for $24,000. Secure Horizons refused to authorize him for this complicated surgery. Adding insult to injury I now have a 20% co-pay.

$2,000 later I am worse off due to Secure Horizons not believing I knew who could repair my damaged nose and there IS NOT a qualified surgeon in network.Now what do I do?

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Refund all out-of pocket money, pay all costs for me to go out-of-network to my qualified surgeon. I will consider foregoing larger claim for pain and suffering..


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Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States #1209716

Did you file a complaint with the DOI?

Temecula, California, United States #1185935

Vote for Trump.He has an excellent plan so people don't have to go through this bull shite.

Sorry this happened to you. My daughter had similar fall on concrete steps and because of her insurance limitations she got a $2K + bill from ER who put her in a room not designated for emergencies....go figure! Her insurance eventually paid the bill. I have gotten bills from ambulance companies, etc.

for transport supposedly not on my plan. It is like pulling teeth to get these insurance companies to pay up in cases of emergencies.

Hope you get satisfaction and your surgeries are successful.

Seattle, Washington, United States #929969

They do not seem to have a working web site and I have been on hold for there phone for over 20 minutes. Who knows how much longer I will be on hold.


My primary care physician told me to stay away no physician will accept them, they do not pay!

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